Infatuated with the food culture during his years in New York, Moe was resolute the bring that delicious and warm family experience to Indonesia.    He first brought the memorable experience to family and friends, which led to a modest catering business with a bountiful of enthusiasts.  Aiming to introduce the delicious experience to more people, he decided to open Moe’s Place, where food-lovers and their family will be treated with a hearty fare of succulent ribs, juicy steaks and delightful pasta.  Just like the kitchen at home, Moe occassionally tries out new recipes, so don’t be surprised if during your visit, you get to taste them first and give your feedbacks.  Initially positioned as a showcase, Moe’s Place is now currently one of the hottest spots in Jakarta to tantalize the tastebuds, enjoy the warm ambiance and be among family. 


Moe’s Place

We Serve You the Best Because You Deserve It